Wednesday, August 1, 2018



We arrived just after 10am Monday morning on our flight from Taipei.  On our approach we flew a long gentle circle around south of the sprawling city of 15 million and then landed East to West.  A quick pass through immigration and baggage claim and we were out the doors to meet brother Wilkey.  We were soon greeted by Ken, Clint Robinstein and Kiven Singcol.  

We all loaded up in a taxi van and we were off into the packed city streets of mid day Manila.  I have been to places where lanes were merely a suggestion, but this ride redefined that concept for us.  We had a good driver though, and we transected the city from south to central Manila and the Instruccion Street church of Christ.  

Our afternoon consisted of naps and preparation for the first night of the lectureship we were participating in... 'Restoration Principles'.  Ken suggested I present my material first.  So at 7pm I taught class on the Authority and Lordship of Jesus, the Authority of the New Testament writers, and the guardian tasks of our Elderships.  Matt followed up after our midpoint meal of 'Lomi' with a presentation of 'Restoration History'.  It was a good night meeting with brothers and sisters we had only heard about. 


We woke early and then took a jeepney to McDonalds and ate breakfast together.  The jeepney vehicles are all over Manila, and are essentially a Willis jeep with an extended bed with benches and a covering.  It is a cheap 'exciting' way to get around town. 

Ken suggested we go to the national museum.  We saw a variety of art important to Philippine history.  We also saw artifacts from the San Diego a sunken Spanish warship.

One of the indelible scenes from our day to me was one of impoverishment.  We were stuck traffic and I observed a burnt out building that had not been repaired.  It soon became clear that there were people living in this building with very few windows and undoubtably few utilities. As I continued to be choked up about the whole thing I see a mother in one the rooms fixing her young daughters hair in the window light.  I couldn't help but thinking about my Laurie and Abbie half a world away.  This was a poignant moment for sure, I won't forget it.

The evening ended with a great class on restoration principles by Ken.  These people are of the most kind and wonderful nature.  Fittingly we finished off our evening at the home of Brother Phillip.  His wife made us the traditional meal of chicken and pork Adobo (a garlic and onion marinade).  It was a great end to our days in Manila. 

We went to our place for a short night of sleep, and then off to the Cauayan Valley of Isabella province at 4am.  From sprawling city to rural agricultural area, we continue our journey.

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