Thursday, August 2, 2018

Cauayan Valley

We arrived from Manila to the Cauayan Airport on Wednesday morning. We were greeted by Brother Edward and Brother Arnulfo. We loaded up in their SUVs and headed to Ramon. We arrived at the Ramon Bible Study Center late morning. What a beautiful place of rolling hills overlooking the Cauayan River Valley. In the distance we see the mountains of the Ifugao province. Our rooms are great and we have aircon!

Thursday morning we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of Fried Eggs, Rice, Dragon fruit, steamed Wild Fern and Coffee. We then loaded up in Arnufo's SUV and headed for the mountains and the Ifugao province. The landscape was exceptional. Corn, Rice, Banana trees all growing in the steep terrain. We visited the village of Potia and met part of the congregation there. We were treated to a special story from sister Corine about how she became a Christian after studying her Bible as a visiting worker in Saudi Arabia. How she was immersed into Christ in a bathtub in her dorm by a friend, and how both of her sons are now preachers. We have found everyone wants to feed us! They brought us a snack of bread and soybean coffee. We were then on our way to visit another family further up into the mountains (the fried squash dipped in vinegar and garlic was amazing!). It was a great morning.

Thursday afternoon we loaded up and headed to Diffun in the Quirino province to the Bible Study Center there. We were to teach a group of young people there. The topic was Jesus' impact on you in your past, present and future. Clint, Jake, Luke and Matt taught the class of 29 students. I am really proud of Jake and Luke's effort of short notice. They are adherents to the Wilkey ideals of tough, flexible and optimistic. We headed back to Ramon and to much needed sleep for our still jet lagged bodies. Rest is needed for the next 3 days. Friday and Saturday youth gathering at Ramon. Sunday worship followed by a full afternoon and evening class on Restoration Principles.

Ifugao Province

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