Monday, August 6, 2018

The Market, Weekend Youth Gathering and Sunday Worship and Classes

Matt, Clint and I ventured to the Ramon Central Market Friday afternoon to assist Edward and his wife Bing in shopping for all of the meals for the weekend.  We arrived in the center of town to a very large market.  It was a metal and wood structure with a maze of passages within.  Merchants were selling clothes, household goods, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish there.  Saying it was hot does not do it justice, i would say it was 100F inside with no air moving.  The Blessed Prince Meat Market was formidably fragrant but we got what we needed. The people were great, but apparently us Gringos were quite the spectacle from the stares we were getting. We loaded up the goods and headed back to the Bible Study Center.  We have been so taken care of.  The food seemed to be never ending and they put a lot of thought into making it the best they could for us.  I am so grateful for all that was done for us.

Youth from 7 congregations assembled in Ramon with us for their monthly gathering.  Friday night there were over 100 watching the movie 'God is Not Dead'.  Saturday morning started out with wonderful singing and messages for the kids.  Luke and Jake took over at various times during the day for fun activities and games. The kids had a blast bonding and having a good time together.  Kevin Singcol delivered the message Saturday to all the gathered Christians, and did a great job.  At the same time some of the brothers taught the kids that were 'seeking' more about the Bible and plan of salvation.  There were 5 responses from those kids who planned to be baptized when they returned Sunday to their home congregations.  The congregations in the area are doing such a great job in building a strong base of young Christians.

Sunday Worship morning worship was held in the open air upstairs of the Bible study center.  We just had too many for the chapel which was a good thing.  The song service was outstanding in its praise.  There is so much enthusiasm among the brothers and sisters.  Clint brought us an effective sermon to close the service.  Myself, Matt and Ken then taught a multi session class the rest of the day on Restoration Principles and we ended around 8pm.  In between classes we had great fellowship eating together.  Rice, Adobo, greens, squash, fish, rice cakes, some kind of brownie cookie greatness, and coffee.  It was a  long day but a great day.  We pray that efforts in staying at the pure waters of the New Testament church as delivered in the Word will continue to strengthen there. 

Monday morning was goodbye to our home of the last 6 days as we headed to Cauayan Airport for our flights to Manila then Cebu .  We have been so blessed by these people.  Edward, Bing, Dick, RJ, Arnulfo, Hector, Jerry, Xan, Marvin,Andy, Sharon Kay ... the list goes on.  Till we see you again brother and sisters!

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